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(feat. Khalid, Littles)


I knew this chick by the name of Vevorine

Who introduced me to the streets and put me on to the game

We did in the rain, on the hood of a Range

But Vevorine, had a special friend called Heroin

She told me, that's how she met Ray Charles and Marvin Gaye

But back then, I ain't gon' front, I was peddling 'caine

In the, form of crack, she said that was a no-no

Cause it's a poor man's girl, and I will never give love

To how fast heroine, that's low as cocaine was

Martin had a dream, nigga, I did too

To make it out the hood, rich, bitch, off that stoup

So, I took it that thaw, and hit the street

With bundles of that ghetto love, to give it to kids

Momma said, never get high on your own supply

Especially if you plan to leave this hood bitch rich

Reminiscing on my past, damn it brings me to tears

See the more money that comes in, the more I disappear

Fresh to death, the latest kicks, rocking the latest gear

New Year's after the ball, twenty one song in they ear

Watch this strip, make me back it up, D'Angelo knows the feeling

Off that needles warm embrace, in a sexual heeling

This tracks moves like the 70's, got me feeling great

Watching my pen nodding off, spilling words out on the

I'm scared to love, cause you remind me of my past

Baby, you gotta trust me, cause I gotta girl and you got a man

I don't want you to judge me, I just wanna be your friend

Baby, you gotta trust me...


Aiyo I live by the rules, trust nothing in skirts

Cause with that big butt and a smile, she be waiting to flirt

With a next man, a next hand, up under the skirt

Another dick in the jaw, more dick in the george

While you home sleeping, she creeping, you thinking it's yours

That's just how women is, I reminisce

On when I had to learn from experience, why they call you a bitch

And I ain't the best, but I ain't never denied

Tell me what nigga, flow sicker, spit shit better than mine

The plot dope on these tracks, you get federal time

You get your wig pushed back, that clap metal with mine

I'm on the grind, I don't settle for mines, nigga

With this track, a broad, with a pack, before I peddle a dime

Line for line, whose the best artist, the rest y'all garbage

But it's awkward, it's ass backwards, they still spinning your garbage

It's me, blunt: the artist, y'all niggaz is garbage

[Planet Asia]

Sweat jackets valor, rap money, looking like crack money

Relax, money, niggaz, it's raw, sweet aromatic

Backwood, fanatic nigga, this is Cali

Vigilante's tattered, the wife beaters and khakis

I'm taking over, cause y'all, cooking too much baking soda

B12, rock selling niggaz vacation's over

Medallion's guaca', only rock a three piece suit

Whenever holding case, the cops try to stop us

My henchmen behind me, in black benz's with big toppers

Get up on my life, nigga, the kid's proper

Wrist glint, the big shit, cult following fans be vixen

This is grown man business, pay attention

Or lay your position, fuck around and have a fatal collision

The moment where you should of made your decision

I made it, I'm living, I'm paid and I'm winning

From the aid of my wisdom, I created a system

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