PLANET ASIA - Kalidascope lyrics

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[Planet Asia]


Planet Asia, in alien form I storm thesis, telekineses

Introduction to the function of the first verse fit

Something serious to bump like when you're takin a shit

Moonlight Melodic Rush lingo

Minglin wit murderers

Merchants and burgulars

While I just keep droppin singles, further

It started back before your TV was watched

>From payin dues wit the pen, break out your cardboard box

I can out color for the page lyrics like taggin my piece

I marinates the moist voice wit the dominant speech

So get your shit straight, before you dictate some of this weight

Go break something, a broke rapper tryin to make something

Happen for the less unfortunate ones, for devils tossin us guns

Like cheese to rats to torture the young

Ten years to twenty-five-to-life you sacrifice for the gun

Even the righteous get hung, but still they slice wit the tongue

At nights I write to get from

My stressful, situations, successful limitations

Executed off the special talents

Off balance the art of challenge

School Yard an-alyst, part of thinkin conduct

As I construct the new attractions like what

[Chorus x3]

Analyze this, soak this, witness my anitdote got ya open


[Planet Asia]

Yo, done at the throat

Float, it's tidal wave wrote

Suicidal dope record recording Kalidascope

Touch bases, errupt the concept off the place of the earth

Pronounce the fluent antidote speech

While most promote static tracks

Sabat drops out the habitat, performing on DAT's

Average cats always surrend cuz I injure the stats

It's tender, the back bender, verse bowl of ? storm

Solo pitcher, graphic artist once my microphone's on

It's motions, Planet Asia make the miraculous gestures

Cuz when it comes to ceremonies, I just master my lectures

Photogenic, the summertime is where my nice dreams mix

We be at the corner store chewin on ice cream sticks

>From Friday, to Saturday, to Chocolate Sunday/Sundae

Forever on the runway, radiating reports down the one-way

It's on, like Scorpio meets Capricorn

That I profess, talent that I suggest is fresh to perform

Born as a struggler, but not the average author and publisher

But a veteran of the society of composers and hustlers

Check it, my slang is touch language is angel dust

Compress to cassette, contain the rush, spontaneous

Adjust your lenses, and analyze the scenes that I wreck

Asia gettin down to business for the fiends to get swept

[Chorus x3]

[Planet Asia]

It's plain and simple for y'all people can touch

Turn your volume to the far so your speakers can thump

Start, now all you party freaks will probably jet to the floor

Sweat till it pours, the Yard slang will set to explore

And I'm doin this for fam so it's must I come saucy

Hella-flossy on you know-it-all-ass cats that try to boss me

And my stats, and for that this be that big payback

Late night like Letterman, workin the wordplay like Pat Sajak

Now fish fillet that, it's fresh wish to obey that

I be the one to make you say "How could he say that?"

From way back, man I been doin this

And I'll be damned if I let y'all clowns ruin this

[Chorus x4]

[Planet Asia]

Yeah, get ya camera, Kalidascope this

In your memory box, in your memory box

Yo to all the heads, to all the hip hop heads out there

Knowimsayin, get your Kalidascope

Put your vision on this, Planet Asia

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