PLANET ASIA - Fuck Rapper lyrics

rate me

(ft Fashawn, Willie The Kid)

I welcome put your hands up


F*ck rappers batlle like ..masters

you cuts after I listen to a much laughter

champagne slush by campagne rush

grooving..manoover I'll liek max in coogers

no more rax to..was a rap I probably be..for the back

straps shooters pockets full of..when niggas pack the rugger

caught a cool rom shit hustle in logic

rock a pill box I still got a couple of projects

scared f*ck my acomplishments

..supreme sonic..speaking of finex..

hand in hand running from big nuts

G and G is all over my self top

among trapers between cuts

ain't another nigga die for nigga f*ck rappers

f*ck rappers nigga post to be there

blair to the..I do the..

hell wazing I'll wait blaze clide baka

I' west craving my neck's craving I save for the lavot

the south pay ym fear for the saviour put all the west in all

I got a bomb yaga

especially you rappers f*ck y'all fast..back was

sin..I'm half like the sandal..

a pie row maniac..I'm zemi

pop them like them zeni the clair war ..

my hoe is like ..hostable

hollis rap guest up combustible feminine

..niggas f*cking widows

no in your life out the station

but we ain't..original fabric never fabricated ain't got it

never had it used to play ball now you wanna be a rapper

you know what?

f*ck f*ck rappers

we puff puff pass em

turn nigga is the blunt ashes

consider me .

I'm blowing roll out ..

I roll models in my rollest simple

that's captibating so looking so

T you got a whole the pistol..the whole menu

G shit ' how I keep niggas know

black every borrow btu every real liek the first mirror Mona Lisa

checking intelect 'cause you're in front of teacher

I'm rolling kind of..they give you amnesia don't believe it

well roll up a grammy have a Mc

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