PLANET ASIA - Chuck Norris ( feat. TzariZM) lyrics

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Let’s do this

Let’s do it


You are lying in the jungle concrete

You eat a plate of veggies

I’m from the hood

I could be killed if only necessary

The model that would never run

Felt the flames of the gun right in front of the sun

This water is hard

Stay away from Maggie’s movement

Empty shells snitching the haps

Holly tablets

I fuck carrots still haunted by my hustle and habits

Philadelphia experiment, half now ,half retro

Death blows disrespectful

I could flow like bats and leave tracks like cats

Excuse me with the Physics

My niggaz eat the salad they rob

So where is it?

God I want a response

A Galaxy bam

Where the kings are kings and the lords are lords

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