PLANET ASIA - Black Frost lyrics

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(Retro Mackin')

Turn the music up a little bit

My favorite shit right here man

... fifth grade man right one my ..and share like this.

Study these facts this is crack straight out the .. to murder

Damn fam let’s play out shouldn’t shit up we’re all been through it

can’t believe my nigga made it out, now it’s game time back in the paint drippin the ..

..whole team .. face with the big picture

this is me pull the ice for the right price and ..

play it low, living nice life of my slice of cheese for ..

now register shit heavy metal that’s a ..

till the .. of reality kicks don’t get yourself earth

and before you try to set up shop make sure your ..connect chips

Mexican clique definite line on everything down to the ..

collect rare stones negotiate prices for .. my bars got avatars lighten the .. up

my .. up .. been crispy ever .. for skin to get yourself ..with the quickness

for .. my older age someone in the golds I’ve made my waves from the night the bricks of China

from the 559 took a .. iron we flash for cash and splash my ..cake and break the bank

for bags and ..

Excuse me my shit be off the reader feel me like the heat under the belt

Melt nigga it’s easy camouflage plus my seas got another way that I rock

My one .. my man true team, and usually

I’ll be on the ground with two radios nigga

One plan ..what I plan to be and one record it my man

This time ...turn that shot down nigga and try to go to sleep

Shit is real ...on the ground

Shut up bro dirty kids

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