PLANET ASIA - As Long As I'm Alive lyrics

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[Planet Asia]

Yeah, this to all the people in my life

that's restin in peace, y'knowhatI'msayin?

Here to let y'all know that y'all give me inspiration to do what I do

And I ain't never gon' forget you, knahmsayin?

For as long as I'm alive

[verse One]

For all my peoples gone... from nine to five

As long as I'm alive my niggaz we gon', be strong

Now peep the song, the streets is gone, to each his own

From money spent to every song that I was featured on

It's for the block and we gon' keep it goin

For all my close friends gone, givin me energy to speak my poems

Rest in peace to the God Al Woods

Kept my self-esteem high since a child in the hood

I was raised on the Westside, wildin for goods

Same cats that used to kick it now be killin each other

Comin from different neighborhoods and not feelin each other

The way they used to loud talkin, last words is nigga I'll shoot you

The streets is eighty-five, cause nowadays you might get

popped in the back at the party tryin to flee to survive

For all my friends that travelled to the other side

You'll be forever on my mind as long as I'm alive


(As long as I'm alive) Tell all my homies that I'm

lost in the storm, I'ma keep it movin on

(As long as I'm alive) You'll always have a piece of my heart

Piece of my mind, and a peace of my art

(As long as I'm alive) You shall forever be mourned

I'm thinkin bout y'all every mornin

(As long as I'm alive) I shall never forget

the good times and all the places we went

[Verse Two]

In high school you was my closest homey, although from different crews

We used to chop it up bout all the shit that we was into

From girls to guns, and situations in our circle

And it hurts everytime when I think about the day they merked you

You left a lonely spot

Broke down when I heard it like damn why they have to leave the homey shot?

My fond memories are commonly remembered

Good times and in my mind it's like I speak to you spiritually

And to my favorite Uncle Franklin Harper

You shall never be forgotten for as long as I'm alive and talkin

Inside a soul darkened, due to circumstances

These past years done had some friends of mine who died from cancer

It's messed up never knowin your chances

And Tammy I wish you was here so you could see how much we been advancin

And your management is much missed, but I know you watchin

Rest in peace, little Ann George and Les Watson

And I'll gladly sing this song with pride

Cause all y'all forever in my heart as long as I'm alive, you hear me?

I'll gladly sing this song with pride

Cause all y'all forever in my heart as long as I'm alive


[samples from the movie "Juice"]

[Planet Asia speaking over samples]

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Your memory'll live on, with me you can trust

Dust to dust and ashes to ashes

You're on my mind more for sure as time passes

[Verse Three]

Sometimes I find myself stressin, then realize at least I'm livin

So as long as I'm alive, it's for y'all I'm reppin

Until I'm back to the essence, and if it wasn't

for half of my peoples gone I probably wouldn't practice my profession

From all the gunfights, and white chalk, funerals wakes and white cops

Lockin my niggaz soon as the night pops off

Nowadays gotta be strong to survive

But I be representin my peoples as long as I'm alive


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