PLANET ASIA - 16 Bars Of Death lyrics

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What the fuck? Yeah!

Yo y'all niggaz get'cha rhymes up

I'm sick of this shit, get your bars up niggaz

Sixteen bars of death my niggaz

Ay Planet, let's go, c'mon!

[Planet Asia]

All it takes is sixteen bars of death

Rain hail snow, I make the clouds drip to get you wet

And that's a bar no matter East to West

Don't get this rap shit twisted, I'ma star that'll meet your threats

And we can bet, cause if I go deep in death

Then it's a rap, face it, you could never beat the best man

And even as a little kid - niggaz knew I had it in me

cause the way I used to spit at the assemblies

And unless you remember me from now on

Everytime I spit then it's a special delivery

My world is of ability, women give neck willingly

Niggaz respect me lyrically - my, city is feelin me

From the inner to the optic jewels

From the beginnin to the endin I am not to lose

I'm not the fool, spit 'til no bars is left

And all y'all teams can feel my sixteen bars of death

[Chorus: Planet Asia]

Sixteen bars of death

Rap monster on cassette, never runnin out of breath

Yes, sixteen bars of death

And when I spit I spit bars 'til it ain't none left


Get your bars up (yeah) get your bars up (yeah)

[Planet Asia]

In the apartment, the artist get it started for hours

Heartless, like the department of the water and power

Yeah - fuck your hot showers, and while you watchin the fight

I cut your cable just to show who really got power

Now I'm, minutes from ass-kickin sessions

Asswipe, we tax niggaz like Pacific Gas & Electric

Bar spitter, {?} cigar splitter, tar getters

Hard-hitter hater niggaz wanna war with us

But get your bars up, cause niggaz know about me

and they know about my squad, so as far as us

I ain't got to answer the shit, so if you see me in the club

keep your mouth closed and dance with a bitch

Cause I'm bout to be the hood philanthrophist; get down or lay down

And how I got up in the spot wasn't an accident

Just love blood tears and sweat, and large respect

And sixteen bars of death, yeah


[ad libbed outro by Asia's hype man]

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