PLANET ASIA - 100 Mill lyrics

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Ft. TzariZM


Look, I administer pain, diminish yo frame

Lift a minute the chain off yo minister

Call off yo dawgs, warlords resorts, haul off yo vocal chords

Been off the war, plus off the open sewer

Mr. Sinister, goodbye to elements

From elder elephants to elefits to fit my finishings

The fellowshippin', I neva felt them slippin'

My fellow ship and I get the cousins kissin' couldn't listen too

I strip a scene, a mission outta Mission II

Can adminus the nuclear fusion thru the missin' tooth

One flew ova the coocoo nest and pigeon coups

I'm earnin' credits if they repress the pigeon's brew

They repress, they fearless, I depress the feelin'

I'm salutin' with three jets for ramon fire

Diamond Flier, Harold Miner, peace, ain't of beauty

I warned you, beware of China

Me and PA scrape for DNA, in the D&A one of us made you no PTA

Ain't nothin' easy even the easy way

See his brain, new album features is beats from TTG

What up!


A hundred million, how that sound, baby

Real always recognize real at the round table

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