Pitbull - Melting Pot

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I'm not a thug

No, no, no, no

I'm not a gangsta

But I won't hesitate

To cock back, bust and point blank ya

Lord thank ya

I'm like that coke and weed

When it burn slow

Motherfucker I'll stank ya

Thats what I been

Taught on these streets

Aint a god damn thing

That can't be bought on these streets

You want a life gone

That could be done

I'm like a nigga that did ten years

I'm eager to come

In the game

And do more than entertain

I'm loco in the brain

I'm that man with the methods

And I always bring the pain

They know me out here

All these bitches cocaine

Cause they blow me out here

I'm always out here

Y'all keep it real

But I keep it realer

Ima make my first mill off the deal

But I'm still gon be labeled

A cuban dope dealer

I'm just statin the facts


I hang with Puerto Ricans and

Haitian killers and

Cuban dope dealers

And these here my niggaz

I ride for 'em

And god dammit I'd die for 'em

I got that really foul

Kung flo flow

I'm tryna get that really foul

Kung do doe

But you dont know me homie

So dont judge me

I rep the real Miami

Thats why the city loves me

The feds wanna bug me

Haters wanna slug me

I thank God

Cause he's the only thing thats above me

Y'all gon feel me till it hurts


Losin your family over someone elses work


Losin your case cause your co-defendent chirped


Losin your brain cause them thangs done burped

It gets worse

This is for those

That'll never see the sun again

That'll pick through shit

For a balloon just to get it in

This is what was fed to him

This is why the game let him in here

Being me (me)

Being Pit (Pit)

Being It

Pitbull and Trick (Trick)

Both from the down south

Bitch we from the bottom, shit

Lord your son got problems

And I know that you know

Cause you made this all possible

I live a dangerous ass life you know

So I thank you for your doctors and your hospitals

Thank God for the thugs too

He understand what these drugs do

He wanna see us all pull through

But only if niggaz in the hood knew

Hell, prayin ain't wrong

But the sqeezin trigger

Could you go kill a innocent man

While these weak niggaz grillin his end

They tellin ya dawg

Reducin they buisness

If I wasnt doin this

Then I'd go do him in

Cause if he was dead

He couldnt say he knew me then

For them niggaz who lie

When they pull me in

Its in the same older cell that they threw me in

And I just pray for 'em

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