Pierces, The

Pierces, The - Secret

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Got a secret

Can you keep it?

Swear this one you'll save

Better lock it, in your pocket

Taking this one to the grave

If I show you then I know you

Won't tell what I said

Cause two can keep a secret

If one of them is dead

Why do you smile

Like you've been told a secret

Now you're telling lies

Cause you have sworn to keep it

But no one keeps a secret

No one keeps a secret

Why when we do our darkest deeds

Do we tell?

They burn in our brains

Become a living hell

Cause everybody tells

Everybody tells…

Chorus X1

Look into my eyes

Now you're getting sleepy

Are you hypnotized,

By secrets that you're keeping?

I know what you're keeping

I know what you're keeping

Chorus X1



Yes, Katherine.

I have something I want to tell you, but

you have to promise to never tell anyone.

I promise

Do you swear on your life?

I swear on my life

[end spoken]

You swore you'd never tell X4

Chorus X3

Yes two can keep a secret

If one of us is…. Dead. X2

Thanks to K for these lyrics

Thanks to Sophie- The last Chorus was not 4 it was 3. -

Thanks to Gloria for these lyrics

Thanks to Keely for these lyrics

Thanks to Lawren Dyson for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Galuh for correcting these lyrics

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