Picturesque - Just Exist lyrics

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Brief little horrors send men to their graves

Without foresight they can’t escape

They call on their luvd ones with no avail

Doomed to fail, they scream pick up pick up

But no one is listenin', get up, get up, do u hear a thing

I’ve called u once and now I’ve called u twice

With a dead line


Well, well, this truly is a shame

But from day one I knew you’d change


I don’t wanna live in a world like this

Where ignorance is bliss

Go on you’ve got ur wish, just exist

I don’t wanna live in a world like this

Infatuation takes its tole

You’ve played ur roll

Luv’s not real

(Verse 2)

With constant blurrin' I’ll forget ur face

Memories fadin' without a trace

Wait for a relapse or somethin' to break

Then you’ll be back

Nights like these

Where I feel real

Reality sets in and I’ll be gone again




Luv’s not real

The queen of hearts is tearin' me apart

I will not give in

I will not give in


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