PHZ-Sicks - Tabula Rasa

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[Verse 1: PHZ-Sicks]

They said I couldn't make it

If you want success then youre gonna have to take it

Grabbed it, threw it in the trunk after I duct taped it

Then drove over the cliff and pray I make it, I made it

How can I ever give this shit up

When there babies in Chicago getting lit up

If you wannna start something now then nigga speak up

Cause the dead’s gonna rise even when they hear me hiccup

Trayvon, you better get up


Since I lost family friends to cancer

The devil became my private dancer

Then I came up with the answer

To the questions whose gonna be man enough

To give enough of a fuck to not give a fuck

Of who’s gonna make that change huh?

Looked in the mirror and noticed I was the only one with fucking my hand’s up

[Hook: PHZ-Sicks]

You popping bottles?

You popping molly? (Woo)

You popping molly? (Woo)

Well, I guess that's good for you

Cause we do, whenever we stand

Is start revolutions, once we put our hands up


Buck, buck, buck, buck

Brr, clack, clack clack clack

X repeat 3

[Verse 2: PHZ-Sicks]

See my gun is never jamming

Singing the Black National anthem

Lifting every voice when I sing

Cause In VA, you got to balance the beams

Like Gabby Douglas or Pusha T to pursue a dream

Everything you see isn't what it seems

Chain Figaro row row row down the mainstream

Life is but a dream

Tabula Rasa, my slate clean

Moment in the making

5th month reign for the May King

Now I'm on my King shit

Martin, Luther, 95 thesis

Break up to make up, pick up the pieces

And I mean this, my third eye has its own Versailles

I long ago put death to the rest, just so I wouldn’t have to live a lie

I’ve got two tools, one on my hip, one between my shoulders

You need to pick which one that’ll get you to your moment before its over


[Verse 3: PHZ-Sicks]

A million fans that ain't enough

The DMVs some outsiders so pony up

Them Socs better get the money up

Cause they quick to go the broad way so tony up

Danza, who’s the boss of these George Constanzas

References hitting you from every angle like they off the random

If your girl's in the pale moon light, then baby let’s mingle

Cause I can fuck the devil out of a woman from Christian Single

Beat it from the back like Ringo

Last three lines, quite a contradiction

Me not giving a shit, must've been that feeling that was missing

Trying not to paint over what I'm facing to make over

Cause now I'm easily turning all of my obstacles to step overs

When my life flashes before my eyes

I want to be able to hold my head up high

All in my fiber cause I chose to live ins

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