PHZ-Sicks - Stream of Consciousness

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*Sounds within a hospital. Shallow breathing*

[Verse: PHZ-Sicks]

The day I saw you take your last breath

Made me feel like I took my own last breath

I mean how can you comprehend

Knowing that these are the last moments that you’ll ever spend

With a person that changed your life

Showed you what love is, gave you day and night

Every memory becomes vivid as the world keeps spinning

Lysozymes in my vision, praying for another minute

But how the fuck could we spend it?

We can meditate or I can tell you everything in my spirit

Smell of disinfectants, heart monitor beeping louder than my message

So, give me a sign that you can hear it?

Can you hear my cries? Can you hear my byes?

If this is the cold truth, can we live in lies?

I don’t wanna go on, I don’t wanna move on

So I put this in a song so I carry on

Everything that you taught me, everything that you brought me

Took me so long to find myself, now I feel like I lost me

I did, a huge part of me

Like that cancer that the doctors couldn’t cut out

So, what not? Tell me what to do now?

You live in my words, you live in my actions

You said don’t live in the past, just move forward past them

So I can teach my future about you and everything that you said

Is the only way that I can truly ever raise the dead

Your life will never be in vain

If your life is flowing through my veins

I’m trying to turn gold out of this pain

I miss you and that’s without saying

I’m tired, just hoping to make it through this day

(Day), Day (day), Day (day), Day (day)

I just need time (time), time (time) time (time)

Time (time), time

The first time I met my Grandfather

Would also be the last time in Benton Harbor

But I’m honored cause that is further

Than anything I ever had with my own father

Looking at a picture of my dad holding me and in it I am crying

It was probably a year before he left and I would be lying

If I said, it didn’t affect me when left me

I think it about every now and then and that shit still perplex me

It’s cool you didn’t want to marry my mom, nigga

Because of that, you had to stop being a father figure

Funny thing is, I don’t even know if he’s alive or dead

And I thought ‘bout our conversation and what would be said

Like, how you doing? Did you lose your hands so a phone you couldn’t pick up?

Do I have a brother or sister? How could you forget me out the picture?

Did you ever think of me? Did you ever consider me?

Damn, a son without a father would be missing you so was you missing me?

Damn, it’s my unsolved mystery

That ancestry to me will be a long gone history

Erase his mistake when my name is no longer Dorsey

Don’t repeat his mistake cause that life will become before me

My goal’s to be something you can never be, man

Something you can never be, a man

Man, man, man

Man, no father figure, skinny nigga with a temper

Almost took a life I remember

In seconds, a whole life could be change

And we take for granted some of the most trivial things

Like the fact that I’m walking and breathing

Have the opportunity to change the world from what I’m speaking

Ha, so I vow in my time in this body, I’ll make a difference

Leave behind a manual for all the future Princes and Princess

It’s my hopeless, magnus opus

It’s my hopeless, mangus opus

Yes, yes, yes, yes

Thanks to PHZ-Sicks for correcting these lyrics

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