Phora - Reflections

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Well, I know what is like to feel alone,

I know what it like to feel have the closest person to you gone

I see myself in you, I see myself on the man on the corner told this thing I never knew

And all these is true that everyone need somebody else

Don’t you ever fee discussing when you look at yourself?

Like somethin’s wrong with you, shit

And you just wanna change it

No matter if you pretty, reach, broke or famous

We all got something to hide

We all got somehin’ inside of us

That gonna be with us til we die

Like whit yourself, stuck til you lie

I’m running from time, I’m running from time, shit

I don’t wanna be reach, I just wanna

From my family and every person, stuck in my side

Wandering why? Shit I had enough of love and none on it feel real anymore

It’s just a mirage, just a mirage

What’s love if it doesn’t last on eternity

And what’s peace if they cant burn none in me

And what’s the purpose living life in this struggle, making mistake

And what’s the try to make it right if my child doesn’t learn from me

I know what it feels like yeah I know what it feels like to be all alone, all alone

She say don’t know what it feels like, know what it feels like that way

On this way you wrong

Cuz I know

I met this girl that thought the world is against her

Was going throw a lot

And her mama just left me

She told me: I ain’t got nothing left, I got no choice

Believe in this world, as you can see I got a zip on this girl

She told me her man don’t love her, her papa was never there

She use the whole life with dipe, no one was there

No guardian or angel, she just wash the pain away with the bottle

Hoping that she doesn’t make it tomorrow

She had no potion, and left a mentally core for the rest of her life

At the same time she felt she was right

She felt she can’t provide for a kid, she just some girl

She ain’t wanna bring her child she just fucked whoe world

Try to keep it on the low down only when she told that to her best friend

Then turn that the whole school knows now

Start to getting angry saying what would I do?

Where would I go

You don’t know my pain so how could you know

I didn’t know what to say I was lost in the words

Took a deep breath and I start to talk to her

Said the words don’t’ make how you are but your actions

Yeah I see the point, I see it when they laugh bout you

I see you ot glad when you walk with your head down

With no body next to you just remember yo don’t have nothin’ to prove

Nothing you have to do to see you different, kid

Cuz they won’t see the truth behind the mile you hide

Trust me, even when you feel alone you realy not, I promise you

But sometime all you relly got is you

Well, shit that’s really all you need

I see myself in you, I hope you find yourself throw me

One love (all alone)

She say I do know how it feels like, know how it feels like to be all alone

I know what you feeling but it’s alright, it’s alright

Think on ny problem that you have its only yours but it’s all mine


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