Phora - I Think I Love You

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Roses are red, violets are blue

Why does every love song remind me of you

Why can't I make my mind up and decide what to do?

I'm tryna write these songs, I always end up writing 'bout you

I hope that you don't mind, sometimes I think about you

Wish I could press rewind, whisper in my ear

She send chills down my spine, some people travel cross the world

And still they neva find this thing we call love

Angel in my eyes, like you was sent from up above

Yeah, like you was sent from up above

Look, see I catch myself starring, I hope you don't mind

Baby, I'm just taking time to thank God that you mine!

So anytime you need, I'll come thru'

Nothing comes between us, it's just me, it's just you

I neva knew that love was so true

And if I had to tell the truth

Girl, I neva been in love before you

(Chorus x2)

Baby, I'm the one for you, and that's for real

Neva been in love, I neva got the feel

Certain type of love you give to me

Trust you give to me, this is just the way I feel

(Post-Chorus x4)

I think I love you! Hey

(Verse 2)

Yeah! Look! You remind me of summertime

And ice cones, sunshine, beach waves, night shows

Love songs, you the reason why I write those

You the reason why the ❤❤❤ emojis in my iPhone

Every king need a queen, I swear that you the girl I used to see in my dreams

Back then, love was never my thing

See, I think I love you, I just don't know if I know what it means

But, you take me to a place where I've never been

Let your guard down, you can let me in

When I'm feeling low, you my medicine

Make love till I give yo ass a set of twins

I hope it never ends, your loyalty never breaks, it never bends

It only feels right, so fuck standing night, baby

You should go pack your bags, come settle in

(Chorus x2)

(Post-Chorus x4)

Thanks to Marie Velasquez for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Deseoh for correcting these lyrics

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