Phineas & Ferb movie

Phineas & Ferb movie - Busted

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I can see the things you doin'<br>

And you think that I'm naieve<br>

But when I get the goods on you<br>

She'll finally believe<br>


[ Candace ]<br>

She says it's all just drama<br>

But every bubble's got to pop<br>

She's gonna see just what your doin'<br>


[ Both ]<br>

And then your finally gonna have to STOP!<br>

Don't think your gonna win this time<br>

Cause' you better believe I'm gonna drop a dime<br>

on you<br>


I'll get ya! [ 2x ]<br>

And when I do your gonna be busted!<br>


I don't wanna put the hurt on you<br>

But you better believe me when I tell you<br>

That I finally got the dirt on you<br>


YOUR BUSTED! ( busted! )<br>

Yeah, she's finally gonna see your right<br>

This is how it's gonna be<br>

When she finds out that I was always right<br>




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