Phineas And Ferb

Phineas And Ferb - Where Did We Go Wrong

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How could we be naughty when I'd thought we'd been so nice?<br />

Could we have been blinded to some little hidden vice?<br />

Did our visions of sugar plums not dance like they should?<br />

I'm racking my brain here, I really thought we were good.<br />

<br />

I know you've got that list and I know you check it twice.<br />

But could you check it again?<br />

'Cause it seems to me we were all pretty nice.<br />

(All except for Buford, 'cause he's got that whole last-minute reprieve theory.)<br />

(It's gonna work! You watch! )<br />

<br />

Where did we go wrong?<br />

Please tell me! <br />

Where did we go wrong?<br />

Where did we go... <br />

Won't somebody tell me?<br />

Where did we go wrong?

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