Phineas And Ferb

Phineas And Ferb - My Whole World Is This Screen

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Major Monogram: Ahh... The world of a field agent. Out in the thick of things. Not like me...

My whole world is the screen, just four walls of a rectangle.

(The screen goes black)

But I would dare to b- CARL!

Carl: Oh. Sorry Sir. I thought you were done. Do you want me to turn them back on?

Major Monogram: Aw, forget it. The moment's gone.

(Later on in the episode)

Major Monogram: Oh, I hope Agent P is having good luck like I told him to.

My whole world is the screen. Just four-

(Scene cuts to Phineas and Ferb Opening the Roller Coaster)

(End Credits)

Carl: Oh, C'mon, sir!

Major Monogram: No, Carl. The moment is gone.

Carl: Sir?

Major Monogram: I got cut-off twice already.

Carl: But sir, you're very good!

Major Monogram: I am?

Carl: Yes, sir. I've heard you practice.

Major Monogram: Well, I have been practicing.

Carl: Yes, sir. And just like the song said: Carpe Diem!

Major Monogram: Well, You can't argue with Latin, can you?

Carl: No you can't, sir.

Major Monogram: All rightly then. Ahem.

My whole world is the scree-

(End logo interrupts him)


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