Phineas And Ferb

Phineas And Ferb - Good King Wenceslas

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Baljeet: Good King Wenceslas looked out

On the Feast of Stephen...

Buford: Sorry I'm late. I was busy doin' some rewrites.

Baljeet: Rewrites?

Buford: I've highlighted your parts. Now sing along.

Buford: Santa Claus and all his elves

Are making gifts for Buford

Baljeet: I don't think that's how it goes

Buford: Nobody's askin' you, nerd

Baljeet: Buford! You're completely disrespecting this classic song. You're

Ignoring the historical context. King Wenceslas was a great man. You have

No idea what this song is about!

Buford: I know all about this song.

Buford: The words were by an English guy

The music, Scandanavian

Wenceslas was five-foot-six

He kept his face unshaven

Though just a duke throughout his life

He always ruled so justly

His kingly title was conferred

Upon him posthumously

Baljeet: Well, I stand corrected. You seem to have a lot of information.

But if you know so much about it, why do you not sing the original song?

Buford: I like my version better. It's about me!

Buford: Buford should get lots of gifts

Every Christmas season

When I see presents just for me

It always is so pleasin'

That is why I changed the words

To make the song more edgy

If you don't like the way I sing

You'll get a Christmas wedgie

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