Phineas And Ferb

Phineas And Ferb - Fabulous

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I don't need to tell ya what you already know, <br />

You're the one with style, you're the whole darn show, <br />

The other guys play their instruments fine, <br />

But next to you their looks are a crime.<br />

<br />

Well they say true beauty it comes from within, <br />

But your have to be comfortable in your on skin, <br />

So I exfoliate with this exotic cream, <br />

Just look at me, I look like a dream!<br />

<br />

You're the one, yes you're the star<br />

We need you back on bass guitar<br />

You're Fabulous (I'm Fabulous!)<br />

You're Fabulous (I'm fabulous!)<br />

You're the one we all can see, it's all about you (it's all about me!)<br />

You're Fabulous (I'm Fabulous!)<br />

You're fabulous (I'm Fabulous!)<br />

<br />

Now no two people are like each other<br />

So don't be a look-a-like copying another<br />

Unless of course you're copying me! <br />

Because that gives you individuality! <br />

<br />

Nice do! But back to the matter at hand<br />

So what do you say? <br />

Are you back in the band? <br />

<br />

Well maybe if I can fine my old leather! <br />

Dude! We're gettin the band back together! <br />

<br />

You're the one who sets the bar<br />

Your hairdo king, the fashion star<br />

You're fabulous (I'm fabulous)<br />

You're fabulous (ooh I'm fabulous)<br />

You're the one we all can see, it's all about you<br />

(It's all about me!)<br />

You're Fabulous (I'm Fabulous)<br />

You're Fabulous (I'm Fabulous)

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