Pharoahe Monch

Pharoahe Monch - Still Standing

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Ft. Jill Scott

Please do not run too fast

Stay off of the leaves

Do not play in the grass

And climb the trees

You can’t breathe

Let alone you get stung by bees

Lord Jesus, you're chest just might freeze up

13 months old with a lung disease

It almost took my life twice

Brought me to my knees

A system not designed for you to achieve

Release .. not every line will teach you to seize

But I roll to the top of my class like Cream

I'm like the Lakers in the 80's

So worthy I'm Kareem

Not on TV but my sweet 16s

Married the mic I love supreme

..exorcism I have .. for the American Dream

I am still standing

I am still here


Still standing

I am standing



I have no dead body to grave

Never been .. double my expectancy

Stills standing like the pledge ..

My heart disintegrated in a million pieces

Listen this is life ..

Best speak multiple languages for unspeakable reason

.. many places I have never been

..r each for the stars


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Thanks to Javier for correcting these lyrics

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