Pete's Dragon movie

Pete's Dragon movie - Happiest Home In These Hills

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He's gone that-a-way<br>

He's went this-a-way<br>

He's up a tree I think!<br>

Oh Petey, Oh Petey...<br>

Where are you?<br>

Please come back<br>

Oh Petey, Oh Petey...<br>

You're like a son to us<br>

We miss you, We miss you<br>

If I get near him you can bet I won't miss him with this. <br>


I'll cook you cake and gingerbread,<br>

Bring you tea in bed on a tray,<br>

We'll slave while you go fishing<br>

You'll get permission to run and play<br>

These tears oughta show you I care<br>

Come back, by cracky we'll share<br>

The happiest home in these these hills! <br>


Gonna snag him, gag him, drag him through town<br>

Put his head in the river, let the pup drown,<br>

Trap him, strap him, wrap him in a sack. Yeah!<br>

Tie him screaming to a railroad track. <br>


We'll have you sing in chapel<br>

You'll be the apple of Momma's eye<br>

I'll tend to all your sowing and do your mowing<br>

So just rely on me<br>

Dang, we know you're out there<br>

It's late, we're waiting to share<br>

The happiest home in these these hills! <br>


Gonna paw him, claw him, saw him in half,<br>

When he cries out for mercy we'll just laugh,<br>

Beat him, heat him, eat him for dessert. Yeah!<br>

Roast him gently so the flames won't hurt. <br>


We'll swim and you'll go camping<br>

You'll be a champ in your own backyard<br>

Our love is overflowing, it keeps on growin'<br>

You'll sleep good knowing you're home in these hills... <br>


We're gonna string him from a tree<br>

In these hills<br>

We're gonna sting him like a bee<br>

In these hills<br>

We're gonna spill him on his head<br>

In these hills<br>

We're gonna fill him full of lead<br>

In these hills<br>



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