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Pete's Dragon movie - Boo Bop Bopbop Bop

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Song by Charlie Callas<br /><br>

Look in your eyes and you whisper sweetly<br>

You don't match in size but we fit so neatly<br>

It's nice waking up when you're close beside me<br>

Humming in my ear<br>

You're joking<br>

I can't believe it<br>

You do<br>

I love you too<br>


Remember the night when you first confided<br>

Things went so right that we both decided<br>

Now we're together and life is perfect<br>

Don't ever disappear<br>

Oh really<br>

No you're just saying<br>

Oh is that true<br>

I love you too<br>


We're walking down a road of our own<br>

The rain can never fall<br>

I'm glad I don't have to be alone<br>


Oh yeah<br>


You know what to say when I want direction<br>

You don't turn away when I need protection<br>

Your voice is the sound of an angel singing<br>

Music I wait to hear<br>

Say it again<br>

And again<br>

Everything seems so new<br>

I love you too<br>

I love you too<br>

I love you too<br>


[Thanks to Crystal Rose for lyrics]<br>


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