The New Track From The Pet Shop Boys

The New Track From The Pet Shop BoysThe band is realising a new track called Vocal from their upcoming album.

The Cd will be released on July 29 and it contains the album mix and eight new remixex of the track witch has a special design by Farrow.

The album was previosly released in the Uk were it reach only in 196’s place. Now in the Us it has a bigger impact becouse it reaches 43’s place.

The track album contains:

•Vocal (Album Mix)
•Vocal (Rektchordz Dub)
•Vocal (Armageddon Turk Teargas Mix)
•Vocal (The Cucharachas Mix)
•Vocal (JRMX Club Mix)
•Vocal (Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado Mix)
•Vocal (Rektchordz Mix)
•Vocal (Wawa Extended Mix)
•Vocal (The Cucharachas Dub)