rate me

[Playa Hamm]

You can't check me, you ain't my woman no more

I gave you a chance, I got bitches out there hoeing for

A real nigga, sharing his world and his fat checks

Now your ass ??? complaining while I'm chilling with them hoes next

The different when I rip, or the one I want to get with

Baby tripping, I'm dismissing a hoe for the next bitch

I'm rolling, like Kane in control, I navigate

Step to me, you respect me, must I reiterate?

You can't check me, I ain't that brother you're used to

Fade in the brain with that ??? attitude

Just because you got Papa Boo and the nuts I rest in

I ain't that nigga you can freak and be testing

Any questions? Yeah I can be a gentle man

But I'm a G baby, you can't get bent but I can

I want a real woman, not a groupie or a nut hoe

You can't check me, things ain't like the folks


Oh yeah, ring around the hoes, and that's just how the story goes

And Playa Hamm out there stepping on toes

They puts 'em up their nose

But that's a whole nother episode

[Playa Hamm]

You can't check me, you need to sit back and observe this

And I don't give a fuck if I get on your nerves, bitch

Cause I'm living good, and you want what you can't have

Some you took for granted, so now you feel the wrath

For the half and hot laugh, I know you want a cut

I wouldn't give you the pleasure of tasting my nuts

I'd rather jack off (Bitch!) And serve it to the curb

Than give you any type of action like that you little birds

So now you get served, I know you homeboys is shocked

I bet you had them bitches thinking you still had me locked

But not the Playa Hamm, playing no favorites

Taking no prisoners, and I say baby I'm with this on hock

Is she in it to win it? She can't lose, you need naw ass

I draw the line, baby gon' bump it or go out with the trash

We got an understanding, and my true is gon' affect this

Already knew like you know now, you can't check me


Aw yeah, either shit or get off the pot

And if you can't let ??? rock

Park your crab extention nails down the block

And take that busta-ass nigga with ya

[Playa Hamm]

You can't check me, sucka fall in, take your place

Cause we don't just eliminate boy, we erase

No trace of your purpotrating ass will they find

No clues, no witnesses, no body, no crime

My family and I are compelled to this realness

Sword to uphold PPC and its chillness

Yeah, I'm that nigga, that gravedigga figure

Take a sucker good care, I ain't have to pull the trigger

You'd better recognize what you're up against and blend in

My brothers already want your head in the den

Monkey-ass nigga, tuck your tail and your head roll

Go tell that to them chicks and them hoes

The players you think you got, got my back and I theirs

And like my classic Cadillac we gonna roll for years and years

So good luck, bucking young bolt, don't disrepect me

I'll play you like a pussy ho, you can't check me

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