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(feat. AMG, DJ Quik, Eazy-E)

[DJ Quik]

Yes i'm too smart to get dicked, ah so the case may be

That's how the ho felt when she found out that she couldn't play me

I know the game and I know it rather swell

To rubbin up on my dick & given me hints that you ?? as well

You figgure first kiss my lips & rub my hips then you take a sip

Of Hennesy hit the budda pass out and i'll take the strip

Hell naw monkey mouth trick, ya stupid ho

You must be a fool if you thinkin that I don't know

But naw you broke ass hoes be tryna come up, shakin that money maker

But I brake her cuz the bitch is a faker

Or maybe she just don't know the formula, of how to get rich quik

Without havin to make ?? the dick

That all a bitch know, is how to be a mega ho

I guess it just goes to show that shes to ignorant to know

That I won't be played, or ganked or gaffled but I ain't perfect

I woop the dick out every know and then and let em slurp it

But i'm careful bein aware of the bitches

That's chargining niggaz on purpose cuz they think they deserve it

Yeah that's some cold shit, my experince oughtta learn ya

That if a nigga ain't tryna smoke ya a bitch tryna burn ya, so trust no

[chrous x2: DJ Quik] [mixing, mixes]

Trust no bitch, punk bitches

Trust no (ho) funky cock hoes

[Playa Hamm]

I refuse to loose so I choose few and trust none

See my ladies I love, but to you bitches I ain't the one

When I tell you to trust no bitch, it might not occur to you

Females ain't the only bitches that i'm reffering to

See you can't help a bitch, let alone treat swell a bitch

Cuz a bitch sold out, gone sell out or the bitch gone snitch

Bitches wanna be & always go be around

Watching what you do, tryna use you and keep you down

Playa Hamm ain't gone boil with a story you got ya own

I'ma strength in your condition to get a dogg a bone

And move own till a muthaphukka fake you, fuck you

And make you take they punk bitch ass to the bank fool

See bitches get paid, see bitches got charm

I see em all at the mall, on tv & on my homies arm

See some of my homies got bitches, but we breakin bitches homie

So I come like this bitch, act like you know

[chrous x2: DJ Quik]


Eazy-E the muthaphukkin mininpulator, when it comes to pussy hoes

Just watch how my dick rolls

But since all hoes fall in the bitch catagorey

Trustin no hooker ass bitches its mandatorey

How much do you you want bitch, how much can you take

Cuz a nigga like tha E you can't brake

With that skinny little ass in my face and i'll slap it

Whip out my dick and let you lick before I tap it

My left hands on your ass, my right hands on your head

Cuz bitches get the nut and niggas get the leg

Suckin my dick, lickin my balls you make me come faster

Suckin my toes, lickin my ass you know you are the master

Now you just won't stop

Suckin everybody's dick cuz it's good till the last drop

But that shit won't phase me

I trust no car wreckin bitch, this ones for you tracey

(beeiotch echo)

[chrous x4: DJ Quik]


Pussy ain't nuthin but a hoe that at nine do

So i'd rather make a meal while i'm flippin the cold crews

Bitches ain't shit, word to the diggy diggy dick

Eazy-E, PPC, AMG & Quik

Bitch I ain't +Babyface+ so save ya +Whip Appeal+

I never go on dates with broke bitches get free meals

I'm supposed to pay the way ??? who pay deals

Bitch please you betta hit the knees, or you can even youch ya toes

Cuz i'm still playin ya'll punk hoes like dominoes

And if you suck the dick right and the pussys tight

I might not beat you down until the second night

Once a dog always a dog bitch

You little trick, tramp, slut with the big but

Cuz you ain't shit bitch

I'd rather fuck you than love you

Bitch I never trust ya

[chrous x4: DJ Quik]

[DJ Quik: talking]

Hell muthaphukkiin yeah

This is one for all them trifflin ass, no good, riff raff,

Crab scratchin, once a month needin, no douche, disguisting bitches

You know yoy gettin this one from DJ Quik, my nigga Eazy muthaphukkin E

AMG is definatlly in the house & the PPC is sendin this one to you


Let's double up on these hoes

[DJ Quik] now

Big Cindy is a muthaphukking

Misha is a no good

Fada is a no good

Robin is a trifflin ass

Dana is a funky

Vida is a trifflin ass

& Marcy's a disgusting

& Kareen is a funky ass

Eazy Said, Tracey is a no good

He said April is a trifflin ass


And like I sid before, all bitches ain't shit [echoes]

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