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[Playa Hamm]

The P, a playa, a pimp, so add some paper

All combined to give these others the vapors

Now I'm a try and refrain from getting deep like I always do

But if I deepen it's the depth I'm true

But like I said I ain't, yet I'm a still paint a picture

Of a playa, jumping sucker rhyme sayers

Never giving a clue to how I do what I do

But if a sucker was true, he'd be a player, too

It's mind over matter, and babe it don't matter

So when you knock a new one, let your pockets get fatter

A player's style is this one, and if I don't diss one

Sucker in this rhyme, I'm a diss by the thousands

To quote David G, "Used to be is like never was"

If I ain't your blood, then I ain't your cuz

How can I drop any lesser than my predecessor?

The rhymes I blow I blow, cause they don't know

"They don't know what I know" [x2]

[Playa Hamm]

How to blow and throw and grow, as I flow and

Keep it simple, a playa rhyme is a temple

Save it for the true players, staying like that

So stay true and you too can get fat

Like I do, don't cheat yourself

Trueness keeps you in good health, so treat yourself

What I mean is fakers are a dime a dozen

Yeah you though he was true girl, but he wasn't

As true as I am, the one and only Playa Hamm

Comes this way man, and the suckers say "Damn that's dope!"

They ain't got much hope

Don't really know, they can't cope

I am the soap and the water, suckers need bathing

The purity of Penthouse, they ain't fading

Trying for years and years, what to do in 30 minutes

Cause I see all up in it

I'm a legend in your life

"They don't know what I know" [x2]

[Playa Hamm]

I learned a lession bout fessin', proing and not conning

That's why I'm real, busting rhymes beyond any

Sucker tearing shit off, Penthouse ain't soft

But hardcore and a whole hell of a lot more

Quik beats to play with, dance and romance to

Playa rhymes to play, when slapped, take a chance to

Fade a true playa, might wimp when I freak

I keep coming, fading you is like slumming

This is a necessity, consider it prophecy

The coming of a savior here to S-A-V-E

Suckers, from a fate worse than death

The state of being suckers, but for some it's too late

I create rhymes others onlt wish they had

Cause I'm a tad bit better, and much more ingeneous

Sometimes I wish I said what a sucker says

Cause his cap, but suckers luck but

My rap ain't for everyone cause I diss

Yeah I'm concieted, in this game you need it

I won't bow down for props I must drop for

A few, cause a few are true to their game

"They don't know what I know" [x2]

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