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See your rhyme's the kinda rhyme, that's flooded with punch lines

My rhyme's the kinda rhyme, that make niggas punch nine

One what dum-dum, the police gotta come down

And keep the kids from crying, too late cause you done dying

Raps dying without me, I need to breathe some breath in it

It seems like it's a shortage, of real niggas left in it

Ain't no if's and's or but's, somebody is deaf in it

The game got a lot of rappers, but I am the best in it nigga move


Fake niggas step aside, cause them real niggas coming through

You can try to stop my shine, but there is nothing you can do-oo

We ready, we ready for you

So respect my hustle my struggle, my mind and my grind

I can make it to the top, when they was saying I would lose

Now I got my middle finger, talking back to you

I done paid my dues, to get me respect where it's due

So respect my hustle my struggle, my mind and my grind


Gotta grind, gotta stay on my grind

If your scheme ain't bout green, your transaction get declined

If your scheme ain't bout green, I forgot it nevermind

If your team ain't my team, get in line and get behind

I'm next up in line, headed up there with Jay-Z and them

Big E and Em-inem, and I can't even swim

But ain't too many niggas I know, that go as deep as them

And me uh-um freestyle, naw I don't need a pen

It's me your kin, the one major labels love to call

Got Chamillionaire on the line did you get him, naw

Yep I kept with it, the rapper got slept with it

Said my mixtapes was cool, and my album had no depth in it

Niggas criticizing Koopa, now Koopa addressing it

Stop crying playa, go get a dress and go dress in it

Or put your money against my uppercut punch, and let's win it

Your right eye swollen shut, and your left get left squinted Koopa


[Paul Wall]

I'm the people's champ, you the people's chump

You talking BFI trash, but you still a punk

I'm on the road to success, and I'm ready to drive

I'm in the fast lane, you still trying to catch a ride

I heard it through the grapevine, you been talking down

But you be riding my dick, soon as I come around

I know you see me shining, I know it hurts your heart

I'm one hundred percent, I've been it from the start

I always kept it real, you always kept it fake

I always showed love, you always showed hate

You think the game owe you, but you ain't got a clue

If you be good to the game, it'll be good to you

You claiming that you real, but you like a piece of glass

I can see through your lies, you falling off fast

You trying to sprint as fast as you can, the whole race

But you'd be better off, keeping at a steady pace stay in ya place


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