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(feat. Yung Ro)


Exit the realest road, on the highway

It's my block homie, now you headed my way

Ignore her, like nice cars in the driveway

Walk inside, and let your troubles fly away

Hmmm-hmmm-hmm, I feel your pain

I feel your pain, it's the house of pain

Welcome to the house of pain, aaaaaaaaaah


Walking that hallway where mom say, she get treated the wrong way

And all day, dude just argue about it all day

And all they, never handle it in a calm way

She throws stuff at him, while he tries to hop out of harm's way

And y'all say, that it ain't no place like home

Which is true, cause home is really like no place I've known

They can't see the light is dark, even with the light bulbs on

But even when the good times day, life goes on

Yeah look in the bathroom, look at this girl throwing up

Naw she's not sick, but she's sick of life cause she knows it sucks

Cause her father's, not around to see her growing up

Her birthday's tomorrow, we know that bastard ain't showing up

Look at him po'ing up, liquor in the kitchen

Daddy got problems, he treat liquor like the prescription

He's broke and he blame mama, cause she can't fix him

Now the neighbors whisp'ring, bout how the family became victims

But don't piss him off, cause you know that he's violent

You know he won't quit, throwing his fist till she's silent

911, can somebody please dial it

Lord please, could you help me put a end to this riot


Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmmmm-hmm, I feel your pain

I feel your pain-I feel your pain, welcome to the house of pain

[Yung Ro]

Open the door to my home, and you'll see nobody man

And a sign that says, Welcome to Nobody Land

Now if you take a look around, you will see it's so easy

To notice the pain, and my mother's heart bleeding

Trying to make ends meet, ain't no father to help

But besides the bills she needs some love herself

Now she's screaming her son's name, Lil' Ro come home

Thirty minutes passed, she realized Yung Ro gone

He can't deal with the stress, embedded in his brain

So he takes it physically, but tell me who's to blame

Was it the dope or mama fussing, know his daddy was gone

A bad day, or was it just life alone

He's so stressed on the edge, and his palms are flinching

Now the police trying to warn him, bout consequences

But only God can judge me, so nigga fuck your jail

Cause when I'm dead, my niggas can't bond me out of hell


Dear Lord, the house of pain is yours

Sometimes I cried, I complained

Cause it hurt so much, I was confused

But then I realized, when I needed you the most

Is when I'm crying, I'm hurt

Or when I'm struggling, thank you


When I'm struggling, baby

And I really don't know, what else to do

I just need a little faith, I need praying

Can't call on no one's help, but you

I know the Lord, gon feel my pain

And I trust that, you gon help me through

Cause I know, you feel my pain

Feel my paa-aaaain


Come inside his brother's in jail, he copes putting drugs in himself

And his mother is well, she's not being a mother cause hell

There's no dinner on the table, he does it himself

With the drugs that he sells, his old man does he need help

Naw-uh look in the living room, there's no surviving

TV images of him, and Osama Bin Loden

They feeding me them images, but I'm really not buying

What them guys in the office saying, quit with the lying

Never ask for the drama, just mash for a dolla

Trying to get a dolla, to buy pampers for his daughter

But then he gotta hear his mama, and baby mama holla

Just cause he ain't got a lot of money, he got nada

Never asked for the drama, just asked for a cama

After the line of zeros, and after the time of

Of patience started buzzing, he blasted your honor

He caught a case, but he was chasing after a dolla

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