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(feat. 50/50 Twin, Lew Hawk)


She wants me to give up the life, of being a playa

And running the streets with my partnas, but in exchange fa'

Plenty of love and the comfort, but I don't blame her

If I give you the world, would you do me a favor

Promise to deal with the life, of a entertainer

I'm grinding 24/7, so I can't save ya

Maybe one day, I'll put that ring on your finger

I can't give you the world, until I get this paper


Now we arguing and she curses, saying the money's worthless

Arguments turn to fights, and as soon as she throws that first fist

I'm ready to hurt this girl, look how she turned this

Thang sour, when every kiss use to seem like the first kiss

Now do I desert this partnership, or just work this out

When I know damn well, the problems gonna resurface

Forget the less cause first it's money, cause money turned this

Into real estate purchases, and Gucci purses

I ain't no expert kid, but I'll tell ya I learned this

Entertainment game can, come with permanent curses

Either she telling you, you the father of her kids

Or slamming the do' in your face, like it's none of your biz'

Living this earth is, harder than red dirt is

Plus society gon judge you, on what you worth is

I'm trying to make sure, the finest food touches your lips

So I'm grinding daily for both of us, we deserve this


[50/50 Twin]

I put a ring on your finger, when the time is right

Love can't pay the bills, so I grind all night

Don't come to the block tripping, trying to find a fight

God don't see us through, we gave Christ our life

See you gave me the world, when you gave me a girl

Peep this we made a heaven, so that's heaven on earth

I'm trying to make sure y'all set, before I'm buried in dirt

We done cheated on eachother, causing worry and hurt

But despite of your past, despite of my past

Everybody make mistakes, we both learned from that

You Bonnie I'm Clyde, let's earn this cash

For you if I was in the gang, I would burn the flag

We knew each other for a week, you put up your cards

And brought me out of jail for three week, filled cigars

I was like save your money, but you said hell naw

I explained myself now, must go stack mail girl what


[Paul Wall]

I remember the first time, that I saw your face

I got shivers when I looked in your eyes, but times change

And even though, you'll never be replaced

I let love loose and got wise, but I ain't tripping baby

I use to feel like, we was made for each other

But you was taking up, too much of my time

Cause how can I support a family, if I'ma make you a mother

When I ain't got time to go grind, so get your mind right

I'm feeling like, it wasn't timed right

Cause we started getting involved, right after I hit the limelight

It started seeming like, you want me to choose

But I'm right in the middle of a game, that I can't lose

I had to put our love affair on hold, so I hope you don't think

I'm trying to do you wrong, and leave you out in the cold girl

Me and you, was like best friends

Maybe later on in the future, we'll decide how the story ends girl


[Lew Hawk]

I'm trying my best to give you the world, but you just don't feel it

I'm trying to keep your wrist iced, and your waist Gucci fitted

And I know your friends jealous, when we flossing the scene

Cause you be Prada head to toe, while I'm starched and clean

And a love like this, it's gon cost a little

All I ask in return, is you cool off a little

While I'm stacking this cheddar, making a life for us

Is it really hard to see, I'm doing what's right for us

I'm thinking bubble baths shorty, while we sip champagne

Reminiscing good times, while we play kiss games

And this flow is from the heart, ain't no need for games

And you've been down from the start, and I don't want that to change

Speaking of change baby girl, please remember this

If your ass block my change, then your ass get dismissed

This bout walking papers, no remorse at all

Psyche I love you girl, I just want's to ball


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