PAUL MCCARTNEY - Say Say Say lyrics

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Say, say, say what you want,<br>But don't play games with my affection.<br>Take, take, take what you need,<br>But don't leave me with no direction.<br>All alone, I sit home by the phone,<br>Waiting for you, baby.<br>Through the years,<br>How can you stand to hear,<br>My pleading for you dear? <br>You know I'm crying ooh ooh ooh ooh.<br><br>Go, go, go where you want,<br>But don't leave me here forever.<br>You, you, you stay away,<br>So long girl, I see you never.<br><br>What can I do<br>Girl to get through to you? <br>Cause I love you baby.<br>Standing here, baptisted in all my tears,<br>Baby through the years,<br>You know I'm crying ooh ooh ooh ooh.<br><br>You never worry,<br>And you never shed a tear.<br>You saying that my love ain't real,<br>Just look at my face,<br>These tears ain't drying<br><br>You, you, you can never say,<br>That I'm not the one who really loves you.<br>I pray, pray, pray every day<br>That you'll see things, girl like I do.<br><br>What can I do girl, to get through to you? cause I love you baby.<br>Standing here baptised in all my tears, baby through the years,<br>You know I'm crying, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

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