PAUL MCCARTNEY - Monkberry Moon Delight lyrics

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So I sat in the attic,<br>A piano at my nose,<br>And the wind played a dreadful cantata (cantata...).<br>Sore was I from the crack of an enemy's hose,<br>And the horrible sound of tomato (tomato...).<br><br>Ketchup (ketchup)<br>Soup and puree (soup and puree),<br>Don't get left behind (get left behind)...<br><br>When a rattle of rats had awoken,<br>The sinews, the nerves and the veins.<br>My piano was boldly outspoken, in attempts to repeat it's refrain.<br><br>So I stood with a knot in my stomach,<br>And I gazed at that terrible sight<br>Of two youngsters concealed in a barrel,<br>Sucking monkberry moon delight.<br><br>Monkberry moon delight,<br>Monkberry moon delight.<br><br>Well, I know my banana is older than the rest,<br>And my hair is a tangled beretta.<br>When I leave my pajamas to billy budapest,<br>And I don't get the gist of your letter (your letter...).<br><br>Catch up! (catch up),<br>Cats and kittens (cats and kittens),<br>Don't get left behind (get left behind)...<br><br>Monkberry moon delight...<br>Monkberry moon delight...

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