Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz

Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz - Drinking With Mr Big Bang

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You'd better see thing as they are

there's nothing that they represent

i'll tell you what Mr Big Bang

bang, bang, bang someone else

oh, oh, oh

go, go, go!

little merit in a faith of ease

a narrow path over the edge

not only do you tire and sweat

eventually you're charged for that

why or why?

i keep asking

some would die

to stay alive

too many whys, too many ohs

wise is a man with his mind closed

Mr Big Bang could you refrain

from drinking vodka through a straw

and you know what? what?

you're a bit too tough.

You don't know the answer that's

why you say i'm tough,

nobody knows the answer,

anyway so why should the man

close his mind?

because it's his heart

that should be open,

it's his heart that

should be open

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