Patent Ochsner

Patent Ochsner - 9-10-100-4 lyrics

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The first time he saw her she was out among the crowds, she was sitting<br />

At the table, pouring beer from a spout. He catches her eye from across<br />

The bar, he wouldn't ever bring himself to that far.<br />

Chorus:<br />

What comes around goes around or so they say, when will meet on another<br />

Day. What comes around goes around don't they say, this could have<br />

Happened on any other day.<br />

The next time he saw her she was dancing by his side, the band was<br />

Driving and they were along for the ride. He bought her a beer and<br />

Didn't think about why, it was that fateful night that they realized<br />

Why. (Chorus)<br />

Now he pulls up to her doorstep he can't believe his eyes, she's<br />

Standing in the middle with his heart right inside. And he tells her he<br />

Loves her before they even touch, it's been far too long though it don't<br />

Seem that much. (Chorus)<br />

She flies down to see him, and he's waiting at the gate, they led<br />

Seperate lives, could this have been fate? She comes through the<br />

Doorway, with bags in her hand, her eyes search the waiting crowds just<br />

To find her man. (Chorus)

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