Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - You Can't Pimp Me

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[Pastor Troy talking]

Pimp shit

Yeah pimp shit, nigga

Wassup baby Ken?

Like this hea

All my niggaz mayn

A yo, all the real boss playa

A yo, this real ATL playa style

A yo, you can't pimp a pimp playa

[Verse 1]

Niggaz is trippin', my shoes is tied up

Big boss pimpin', tell ya' bitch I said wassup

Pastor, laughter, remmy in my hand, countin' out some grand

Ova In Ireland, the man

You done heard the name befoe

I keep a big gun wit' me every where that I go

And I smoke dro'

mother fucka keep that bap ass weed

niggaz claimin' their my folks bitch you don't know me

DSGB representin' send them hataz to hell

It ain't nothing ta' say, it ain't nothin ta' tell

My glock shells will be empty if any temp me

I'm not no fuckin' sinna bitch I'm a fuckin' pimp

(Chorus 2x)

You can't pimp me, I'mma pimp myself

You can't pimp me, I'mma pimp myself

You can't pimp me, I'mma pimp myself

I'mma pimp myself

I'mma pimp myself

[Verse 2]

The one man army, the one man wreckin' crew

I heard that shit, now who the fuck you referin' to

If that was me I'll put your finger to my nose

Just like I thought yall niggaz mother fuckin' hoes

The clothes, the wardrobe, the gators with matchin' socks

Bad ass bitch that kind of face like Goldie Lox

The clock...stops tickin'

I step off in the spot all the chickens get to pimpin'

?? pluckin', DSGB was gangsta fuckin'

Fuckin' for nothin', we be them niggaz they be lovin'

It don't get nothin' but worse for you sip

Bow down nigga make room for a pimp

(Chorus 2x)

[Peter Tha Disciple]

You can't pimpin' me patna' because I'm pimpin' myself

I got my game from the old school straight off the shelf

I be the maca to the roni, the chedda to the cheese

I roll wit' DSGB, so who is better than me

A Aug representive, I got the game on lock

I hit the street with them thangs witta movin' the block

So fuck the cops, we makein' money, we stay on the grind

I'm bustin' strawberries fillings, while I break down my pine

And I ain't blind, I can see it, you already know

So get the fuck out my face 'cause you can't pimp me hoe

You see the doe don't let it hit ya', you gets no play

And I'm the dro'and you're the philly get ready to blaze

(Chorus fade out)

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