Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - WWW? (Who Wants War)

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[Verse 1]

Some gold glock started as Castor (Castor)

Naw nigga its the motherfuckin' Pastor (Pastor)

Ready to rapcha

Hittin' my slap shift

Sumin' of the fifth

Let's burn another splif

Pussy foul on the ass end of the weed

Lick the barel of my motherfuckin' Desert Eagle

And they ain't believe I'm on top of shit, straight rock ya shit

Ok fuck the props and shit

'Cause when it all falls down

I'm shooting everybody around

You better get down

You better take cover

It's Pastor Troy I'mma killa motherfucker

I just brought the Ferrari, fire red of the lot

Damn what kinda money y'all got?

And then I heard yo new cd it sound soft

Fuck witcha boy PT and Face Off (Face Off nigga)


Arrrre (who want war) you reaaaady? (who want war) we ready

Arrrre (who want war) you reaaaady? (who want war) we ready

Arrrre (who want war) you reaaaady? (who want war) we ready

Arrrre (who want war) you reaaaady? (who want war) we ready

[Verse 2]

Verse 2 nigga, yeah

He who without sin cast the first stone

Cross the line and get motherfuckin' rolled on

(blow) It's full blown, like motherfuckin' 'nades

Hand grenades

Mistakes you shouldn't made

But you did as a kid, the gun slagga

Mom and pops knew I would be a gang banga

But I ain't had to rock the red or rock the bluuue

I had a mil' before I hit twenty two

But look at you, you still workin' all fronts

You might as well sell blunts

Why don't you go post up in magic city

Sale cigars, while I'm tippin' me some tities

Naw you can go to LA and ???

You can be the one who parks my Benz

If that's even what I'm driving

I got so many cars, don't know what to ride (again)


[Verse 3]

I gotta lesson that y'all need to learn

Smith and Western, this court is adjourned

A bad perm and a seven page rap sheet

I came up out the fuckin' suite, now lets see

Fifty thousand, in the club wildin'

Everythangs free on ya boy PT

Ya' see, some out here just have to wait

GOD already prepared yo' plate

When circumstance, sealed like your last chance

Pray to the Lord and help you advance

And you can, and you can, and you can

And you can, until he comes again

To win don't always mean to always come first

Don't wanna be first ridin' in a hurst

I rather live life, chill with the wife

This is my sacrifice (sacrifice)


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