Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Who, What, When, Where

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Yo, yo mic check 1,2 1,2 (Y'all know what time it is)

This song is entitled (Y'all know what time it is)

DSGB throughin it up baby

The who, the what, the when and the motherfucking where

(DSGB off in this motherfuckaaaaa)

Ay yo y'all know what time it is baby

(Tell me the who the when and the where, you best believe PT gon be there)

Who - what - when - & where


Now tell me

Who, what, when, where (uhh huh)

Who, what, when, where (well uhh huh)

Who, what, when (come on), where (uhh huh), PT right there

Now tell me

Who, what, when, where (uhh huh)

Who, what, when, where

Now tell me

Who, what, when, where, PT right there

Off of theeeee - rip I'mmmmm - snappin like a columbine

Never will I hesitate

Georgia on my liscence plate

Thankin' bout you underweights

I'ma run through ya

No ski mask I'm just gon motherfucking do ya

This dirty ass krueger 'll make a nigga thank

And I ain't no - new jack bitch I got rank

And motherfucka tank if it ain't got no rounds

I'm tryna handle business man but y'all clowns

Keep - comin' round flappin' ya cock suckas

& yeah I'm froma Atlanta - Atlanta I love ya

Now back to the who (uhh huh)

& back to the where (uhh huh)

You know that I'm there cause they here me sayin' yeah

The Pastor baby

I'm hard as a rock

They claimin' they done kicked Troy ass - boy stop

As long as they make my 10 bags you got the house

The hardest nigga puttin' it down in the South

Now tell me



Poppin' on my phone

Prayin' I'ma say yo name in my song (Timbaland)

Well dumb ass nigga will be yo' name for today

And don't say shit while I say - what I say

But any damn way

I still ain't talkin' 'bout the shit

You just like Lil' John say "you just a bitch"

That gun powder - spit

Haha - actin like daffy duck

We hog tie niggas to the back of the fire truck

My ??balls?? ain't tough

It's whatever ??gorilla less??

I keep on truckin'

I'm the first nigga buckin'

Mr. PT

Optimist prime

The PT cruiser a.k.a prime time

Mr. October

Also known as number 2

As long as I'm second - then I'm after you

Ain't nothing else to do but rock the whole region

It's Pastor Troy

Georgia boy huntin season

Now tell me

[Chorus till end]

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