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Pastor Troy - Vice Versa

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Vice Versa(This song heres called god damn vice versa its like

Picute everything you thought was good is really bad everything bad was really

good what if heaven was on earth nigga the whole world vice verse

vice versa this shit here god damn goin on get you a phat ass blunt of that dro

smoke that shit its all vice versa look up in the air nigga we rich nigga its

vice verse i know all you real nigga gunna feel this shit)

What if heaven was hell and vice versa

If I told ya go to hell would ya tell I cursed ya

I reimburse ya with the truth so ya know my faith

and pray I die im that nigga that they love to hate

i wanna make you use your mind

god has sent the sign

and when you listen to these rhymes nigga take your time

again I ask heaven was hell an vice versa

would ya start doin evil in order ta nurture

the spirit man do you understand there's a war thats ragin on

an the devils got some ammo too dont get me wrong

but I put my trust off in the Lord

its too corrupt know that god gun help me blow em up

I gives a fuck

heaven was hell and vice versa

I have no fear

I dun witnessed to much hell right here

lend me your ear be cause the beer we had to pour

for all my niggas hit the devil with 44

payback nigga

my liqour keep me from tryin to enter

battle alone and the deal with all this wickedness

I smoke a zone

know im grown but im still a baby

its vice versa so i guess ill beg Satan to save me

God im confused, confused of all these motherfuckers

makin me sick

The Virgin Mary may not fuck nobody

but she suck dick

with a click of nasty concubine

its vice versa so she prolly do the whole nine

that nasty ho

I don't know where imma go this christmas

It's Satans birth

imma try to smoke a pound of weed

to ease the earth

While jesus equiped with angels and devils equip with glocs

for god so loved the earth that he blessed a thug with rocks

Wont stop

until they feel me

Protect me devil I think the Lord is tryin to kill me

It's vice versa

Heaven is the low while this doja keep me high

an see the lord almighty nigga im ready to die

my reply for any questions asked the devil made me do it

whose the devil may I ask

its so polluted uprooted from all this stupid shit

see me cremated my adaption to the climate

so glad I made it elated that they gun go to heaven

but do they know heaven may not be the place to go

again I ask heaven was hell an vice versa

the devils demons id be damned if ill let god hurt ya

Follow me.

If this was vice versa

I be an angel cuz I'm a devil

A down south Georgia rebel

A whole nother fuckin level

reminiscing on all the good and the bad that I did

bussin caps an splitting wigs

an servin nigs

an talkin shit

this is vice versa no fuckin commercial

heaven or hell

where do we go

when we die

eternal fire

or the streets of gold

only God know

vice versa

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