Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - This Tha City

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<i>[Pastor Troy]</i>

Venom, all I spit is venom, a cobra

Flinch my teeth and I'ma ride till its over

I'm never sober, I'm fucked up now

Say you want pistol play, well then its Blah! Blah!

Cause I'm the Pastor leader of a wicked church

Get ta busting out in public, gives a fuck who I hurt

Them hits was weak for the 2 triple O

Bitch ask me if I got your CD, ah naw hoe

Cause I am not from the city of bullshitting

As soon as we come its time for wig splitting

Your debt is bitten, I want undivided attention

You say you pimping, I send my niggaz for the lynching

Drenching your blood, God forgive 'em but we have sinned

Them Georgia boys, when we come we come like men

Fresh out of pen, I'm standing dead off in da' blaze

With a fifth of remy pulling the pin out my grenade

(Get paid!)


<i>[2X]</i> I come from tha city that deh' don't play by rules

I come from the city tha deh' ride on fucking fools

<i>[4X]</i> A this tha city, this tha city, this tha city (Well Uh-huh)

<i>[Pastor Troy]</i>

Okay I come from the city, if you lame its going to be ugly

A bunch of niggaz biting my game but they can't touch me

I don't drink bubbly, I'm drinking remy out the bottle

Bout 5 Benz follow, my city is off the throttle

I heard you hard, heard you the one that crunk the style

Don't drop your card, I got the lowest in the pile

You cracking smiles, we cracking mugs selling drugs

We what hoes love, ATL fucking thugs

Its real boy, you know the his-tory

Mac 10's popping high ca-pa-city

My whole team praying that you make some noise

So we can introduce you to them big boys, yeah

I got killers doing time as I speak to you

Then some mo' in the streets right next to you

And fore you can say Troy it wasn't me cuz

I'ma hit you wit the whole 63 cuz

You see a bitch slap a bitch oh' really

See you a fucking joker and I'm not fucking tickled

When blood trickle, that's me up out the F-350

Ya feet best of be kicking ya ass a damn skippy

In my city ain't no games, we learn your name

And where you went to school at, and where you used to hang

And when I run across ya is where I'm going to drop ya

Breaking your punk ass off something proper


<i>[2X]</i> I come from tha city that deh' don't play by rules

I come from the city tha deh' ride a fucking fool

<i>[13X to fade]</i> Well this tha city, this tha city, this tha city

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