Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Thirsty

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Feat. La Chat & Ying Yang Twins


You miss your water to the well run dry

Did you need to hurry up and buy

... a nigga that you need to dry

You wanna drive the Benz, my dear, then buy


Thirsty ass bitch

He's a thirsty ass nigga

You a thirsty ass bitch

You a thirsty ass nigga

Get him smth to drink

Get him smth to drink

Thirsty niggas, thirsty niggas, all up on the street

You be fighting like be stopping like you never never be

In the jail, thirsty niggers never get no ...

You be trapping, you be rapping

You can bust a crap and tell us how you happy

Shooter, shooter, but you ducking when I fire

We never lei, never fuck with Reggie

I fall up in the dirt and I have the nigger jacket

And homeless D, like I let him into pussy

Eat the pussy, I don't see it, it ain't cushy

I look just like Chewbacca, drink the bottles full of vodka

The niggas that are thirsty need to get themselves some water



All these walls thirsty, what you mean they thirsty

They waiting for smth with they hands out

They waiting like they worthy

Really don't got no purpose

Sitting around waiting, ain't got netting on nettin'

Somebody say they hands they did me

Why you worry about

They holding in the mirror

Shy guy, damn

You can see it, put that shit on Instagram

On Facebook, on your timeline

On your I-Phone, do it face time

She a thirsty bitch

S give her some water

She dehydrated, tell her welcome to Troy water



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