Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Think It Over

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Feat. Nephew Jay

All my young niggas, what's up?

This your Uncle P.T.

I've been reading these statistics

And it's really bothering me

Did you know suicide is at the all time high?

I been did that befo', but the devil, it's alive

But you gotta keep lookin', gotta keep pushin'

Got to keep bringi', all I'm saying

Let's think it over, I love you soldier, don't give up!

I know it's a lot of pressure and you're feeling like you stuck

But believe in yourself, I'm believing in you too

I think that you got the talent to do what you wanna do

This is not a lesson, so, man, put down that gun!

And now think about your God, the Father, the Son


Think it over!

Man, think it over

There's nothin' new under the sun

Gonna love you like you

Even with my young sisters

So what if you get dumped?

He don't want you, baby don't hurt you

That mean you don't need the trunk

All these stories that I'm hearing about children disappearing

Because they don't fit in, I'm gon' tell you once again

Just to think it over

We can't be over, can't be beat,

God don't care, cause he still made me

And he made you too, that's why I want you

To believe in yourself

Fuck everybody else!

You the best, you so brilliant

And we'll miss you if you left

I'm just asking before action make some time for yourself

And think it over, think of your fam, think of glory

This is not the end of a young story

Suicide? Man, I know you ain't a quitter

Just think this part over, my nigga


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