Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Take Off

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Pastor Troy:

A sad day for da rap game im about to tell em my name(Pastor!!!!!)

a.k.a they call me megatron da cepracon i flip into a gun and burn one

soon as I duck I go change my disguise my first pump da last thing in his eyes

and I aint thinkin bout no get back I got a army dat can handle dat

matter-a-fact you about to be introduced duck duck duck let loose

his triple fat goose look like cheddar cheese

mention he aint got no cheese then I leave

huffin and puffin got my blood pressure high

must aint no I will ride till I die

I put it all on da resume

to come be out da Ga (now say)

chorus:Im ready for take off take off

Im ready for take off (say what)

Im ready for take off take off

Im ready for take off say boss


Verse 2:

They say da rap game like da dope game

I already had a car tell

talkin to my fam on da burned cell

short wit da money we give em hell

every shell

shots rang out all you hear is da dude

comin gureilla it aint no rules

You say you a killa but wont let nuttin die

caught em given mouth to mouth to fly

dats why I am ready for take off

Fillet menoun without da steak sauce

da top of da line dats me Im prime

had da underground on lock since '99

while you was trying to figure out yo style yo image

look what you became a mothafuckin gimmick

smilen and grinnin you know who you are

problem sit me meet me at da bar

so far its three rappers I like

me,myself,and I and Im tight

and you aint gots to tell me im high

smell the aroma as I pass by

v.i.p everywhere dat I go

soon I as I hit da door they blaze dro

and if I muthafuckin die today

know dat I had da balls to say


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