Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Stop Tryin'

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<i>[Pastor Troy and Lil Pete adlibs]</i>

<i>[Pastor Troy]</i>

They had me dodgin' the law, while I was serving my raw

Though I was young in the game, a lot of things I saw

I just bought that fifty pack, and just believed in me

And with barely could ease, that fifty pack fit the peas

I got mo' cheese than Kraft, but teachers laughed at me

They asked me what would I be with out my damn degree

I told them they would see me on T.v. and videos

I'm all about that money, y'all can have them hoes

And I got goals, I know that I can do all things

Cause now I make my beats, I write, I sing

And pain was my stepping stone

Help me realize shit, even my own'll do me wrong

But y'all a never stop me, 'cause see I got this game in order

Started off with a fifty pack, with dreams of a quarter

Catching that thing from the border, and leave my enemies crying

I will never be stopped, so you can stop ya' tryin'

<i>[Chorus: Stop tryin' nigga (Repeat 8X)]</i>

<i>[Pastor Troy]</i>

Okay my money was mandatory, the glory of wealth

It's plenty niggas with promises, I keep them myself

I'm 15 on this grind, but my age don't matter

All they want is that butter, from whoever come faster

And I was after a monoply, ambition to rule

Be the Hitler of this game, if I keep my cool

I'm counting money every morning from the previous night

Go and spend, ten with Twin, heard he packing 'em tight

I'm sitting right, I'm right where I wanted to be

Ain't no mo' fifty packs for me, give me the whole ki

And I'm sure that you agree that I be hard to stop

In the three, yes three, years, I went from block to block

And now these haters are hot, cause I done locked the counter

Got the calibur glock, because I know that they 'round me

Found me laughing at these pussy boys, making me sick

While y'all be shooting for attention, I be shooting to hit

And who I'm with don't matter, cause I'm gone handle my own

Got them DOWN SOUTH GEORGIA BOYS in case you get wrong

It won't be long 'till doctors doing autopsy

Cause reason for death, its' gone send back to me

Cause y'all can't stop me, nigga, shit, this game in order

Started off with a fifty pack with dreams of a quarter

Catching that thing from the border, leave my enemies cryin'

I will never be stopped, so y'all can stop ya' tryin'


<i>[Pastor Troy]</i>

Shit, fatalities get numerous, smother with cover

Send a dead rose to his mother labeled that hustla'

And they say that that's a small price, I disagree

If ya' stuck between a small life, unlike me

I can't see myself going out, without a battle

Put the bomb on the stadium, aviod the hassle

Flip the tassle, I'm a skull cap, I graduated

From the school of hard knocks, nigga, others ain't make it

So I make it my duty to be richer than Rudy, yeah Ramo

Cause this here pay way mo', you decide

And ain't no mo' lettin' me ride, hell nah shawty

Be starrin' down the barrel of that autie

Don't test me, arrest me, I'm out like Gotti, without a clue

Tell the judge that they besta pop me, or die too!

County blue, not my forte

I'm only comfortable when I got on that grind with what, with a a.k.

And with a couple of banana clips, dip in ya lip

Better hush when I hit that hip, and disconnect it

Perfect it, from day to day, I take game and call it stayin'

And watch em' pay, I ain't the one

Many come up, until I dump 'em, but then they scatter

I leave ya' mamma asking ya' baby what's the matter

I'm after ya' ligaments, no movement

From Down South Georgia bitch, I REPRESENT!!!

Convince the jury, we done payed them off

Evidence don't matter, since they paid, you lost

I'm the boss, that cost ain't even worth conversation

Pastor Troy, the pastor of the true congregation

Blood wasting if ya' cross me, ya' lost me cuz

Was a eye for a eye, now its' SLUG FOR A SLUG!

June Bug know I lay 'em low, that 44, he got's to go

Shit, he got's to go, shit

Nigga stop tryin' nigga, stop tryin'

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