Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Shake For This Money

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Feat. Kidd Money


I gotta like what I see

But you got a safe for this money

I stepped in the club, sipping ...

I don't clean adds a bitch,

So why these hoes on my job?

I got punked out till one

We about to have fun

You gon know when I'm done

i'm with that on my son

I got too bitches on mollie

And we here fucking up follie

And we hit Matrix city

I'mma bring dancers with me

We in my two seater

And we heading down B street

They got safe for this money

But I kinda like what I see


That Matrix city turned up

They say blue plane turned up

They say pink bullet that club

I got shit club turned up

Got that strokers turned up

Got that pin notes turned up

Say that goosebumps, that Queen city

They say ... turned up, Ahmaly just turned up

Got my black car, I'm telling a lot,

I'm tryna see what's up


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