Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - RIP Doe B

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RIP Doe B, I hate it

But the niggas say do you ride?

And I can't take it


Y'all niggas say do 'em right

And Doe B, I hate it

But the niggas say do you ride?

It could have been me

But the niggas say do you ride?

I hurt and I break the jaw

Niggas don't wake up one day

Youth brother tryna live out his dream

To be gunned down by his own home team

It's in our minds, y'all just can't enjoy the music

Everything get out rapped, I don't do it

I don't understand, then again I do

Some people just have hate for you

And it's sad, makes me mad, I say God, bring them here

But before I get that club, 50 times in my career

I'm a pain running G, I ask God that he keep

All these angels of protection and these soldiers in the street


I don't know what they killed, they could have worked it out

Had I been in this position, I would have figured it out

I had people in the customs sending out the same tricks

And I know they had mind, and I know they had tits

And I know they had choppers, so we could have won the war

And one day it just hit us like what the hell for?

We are brothers, love each other, why did Martin Luther die?

Some of y'all gone gave up, don't hate me because I try

Maybe Devil is a lie, God bless Kim Burkley too

If you don't believe in God, then I suggest that you do

Let Doe B be the last, lets leave this in our past

In the youth I have faith, God bless y'all and be safe


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