Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Retarded

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Feat. Mesha Write


Y'all niggeas see what you started?

Fucking ass retarded

You wreck shit with that chopper

You wreck wholes, I got them

All yo niggas on the fucking floor

It's 'bout the money

Now put it up in the band

Got 100 grand cuffa

I n anybody back

Please don't be no hero

My dollar is zero

Acting to see 100

Y'all niggas know who run it

Cut the motherfuckers

Me and my brothers

Ask the situation

Break up the nation

Let's clear up the safe

Pistol in it's face

Shoot 'em off the top

Pop, bitch, I'm off the clock

Sirens outside

Someone gotta ride

But before I leave,

Mah'duck Jay-Z


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