Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Murda Man

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Iiiiiii'm comin, two .50 cal's in hand

Long goat-tee nigga the Taliban

I'm Murda Man, I'm tryna murk somethin

This ain't for ??? cheese I'm tryna hurt somethin

These niggaz claimin g'z, claimin they run the South East

How you run the shit in that buck buck Caprice?

Atleast, you oughta know bout my flow

The P the T the R the O

The Y nigga, I'm so fly call me jet

Jump off in the ocean still ain't wet

I flex, I motherfuckin ball better ask em

Catch a nigga talkin shit n motherfuckin blast em

Murda, m-u-r-d-a

Im pumpin gats at whoever in the way

Im back wit gun play, don't think they undastand

But I don't think they wanna fuck wit the Murda Man, Murda Man


I don't think they wanna fuck with the Murda Man

Fuck wit the Murda Man, fuck wit the Murda Man, Well Uh-Huh



Yaaaaa'll trippin, now everybody crunk

Yall niggaz gon make me pop the trunk

Cuz I remember way back in the day

When the ATL wasnt gettin no play

Then I came out, dropped We Ready

Niggaz went to bouncin, ridin them box Chevy's

But I guess that was then, this is now

When I catch ya ass in the street the gun blow, blow

I represent the hard, I represent the angle

I represent the real, I represent the danger

I represent the cars, I represent the dream

I represent respect, I'm representin my team

It's Mister PT aka Murda Man

Ya pistol in ya car, my pistol in my hand

And you can ask Chan, I shot a nigga van

Dont think you understand, I'm the fuckin Murda Man, Murda Man and



Stiiiiiiiill spinnin, empty my magazine

I jump off in my limousine and flee the scene

This ain't the SWAT team, this ain't Lil Scrap n them

I rep that hard shit and fuck a platinum

And Little Jon, used to by homey, used to be my Ace

Now I wanna slap the the taste out ya mouth

Nigga down south I'm a legend

When ya see me keep motherfuckin steppin

And flexin, so what you gotta A at nigga

That don't mean shit to a south side killa

Wussup Shay? wussup Tod?

On that ass, Shady Park

Murda, M-U-R-D-A

Im bustin shots at whoever in my way

Cockin my A-K, don't think they understand

But I don't think they wanna fuck wit the Murda Man, Murda Man, and


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