Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Murda Man 2

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[Verse 1:]

I heard some bitch ass nigga's havin attitude.

I eat em up like some mothafuckin' dogfood.

I know it sound rude, it supposed to and yeah pussy nigga i muthafuckin owe you.

On the radio poppin 'bout this and that. Ive been stayin home listin and cleanin my (gag?)

Ive been listin but i just couldn't believe em.

Go and get the do in that motherfuckin kingdom.

Slap his ass again, then attack his friend, then slap that bitch if she's motherfuckin creepin.

And until the end, motherfuckin (?)

its pastor troy and I am havin fun ho, Yeaah!!


I dont think they wanna fuck with tha murderman fuck with the murderman fuck with the murder man![3x] I dont think they wanna fuck with tha murderman, mannn!

[Verse 2:]

and Imma ride on BME, cuz y'all pussy mothafuckers can't fuck with me! Why fuckin BME, y'all niggas ain't BMF, I handle you bitches by my damn self.

OK, fuck Lil' Scrappy, fuck Lil' Jon, fuck Don P, damn his son, fuck big sam, fuck lil bo, you know who it is, it's PT ho! Fuck crime mob, oobie too. I heard ya song, that bullshit boo. Crosseyed bastard, fuckin with me? You know Im a G, ya boy PT. Ridin hard, ridin strong, suck my dick scrappy, my dick is long! You played me wrong. Im not the one, outside of the club with my tommygun. You know me nigga, i shoot the crowd, its DSGB and Im sayin it loud, Im saying it proud, fuck BME you pussy ass niggas cant fuck with me, YeAH!!


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