Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - Letter to Trayvon

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I pray for the world

And I hope everybody here hear me

Because I'm black that doesn't mean that you should feel me

We under attack and the target's the youth

Can't wear a hoodie, have some Skittles and a juice

This case prove that we are not equal

And I can't understand, 'cause we all God's people

Now I want everybody to reflect on Trayvon

How you would feel if he was your son

Dear Trayvon, how you doin' nephew, we love you

I hug my son extra tight because of you

And I can picture that night, it made me stay

Then I got pissed off, it made me laugh

I hope you didn't have to suffer, my young brother

I often think about your mother, you gotta love her

I often think about my mother, and then I stop

Walk into your father house and you get shot

I was 17 17 years ago

Black president, but it ain't much changed, though

You was ... we had to have this

Still wearing black gloves with the black fist

You had your hoodie gone, but you ain't do nothing wrong

Got shot outside your father's home

Never got a chance to open up your ...

Then they wanna say that you was high of Marijuana

Then they calling you a thug, but who get killed?

If anything, he the thug, let's keep it real

I'm thinking 'bout my nephews and my cousins

I promise you that you didn't die for nothing

I'm strugglin' to make sense of the nonsense

Sick the black on black crime in the valence

Tell Biggie and 2Pac I said peace

Cause it seems like balance only increase

Maybe at least some justice on the way

I continue to pray like everyday

I'mma try to live a better life for ya

RIP Trayvone, we love ya!


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