Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy - It's On Down Here

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It was this nigga with this black Cutlass

Named Chris

He had shot at Cott but he missed

First Error

Now he riding in terror

Over shoulder ever looking

I told him when he came he should

Have stayed in Brooklyn

Reason Being

They knew that he was kin to Pat Reed

Pat had lied they believe

So they looking for them keys

Now can you see where bragging get ya?

Them niggas ain't shooting for fun

They trying to hit ya and

And dead for real

Now I'm riding with Phil

Too drunk to be behind the wheel

But packing my steel

Just in case they need the thrill

Went up to the hill

It's FreakNik every weekend

The sirs in the car,

We need some fucking hoes to get in

And that's when


Ooh wee

The mutherfucking sounds was enough to kill me

All I see is niggas running, jumping off in the Chevy's

Put my finger on my trigger so my nigga I'm ready

Is that Teddy?

Slouched over in that Nova my nigga

Indeed, yes it was

Guess what, that's Chris cuz

Yall know what

Man this shit just ain't gone disappear

So you better get ya shit

Cuz it's on down here!


It's on down here!

<i>[Repeat 8x]</i>


Yeah, Fuck all yall up North Mutherfuckers, all of them

Fuck Wu-Tang, Fuck Puffy, Fuck the law

Whoever the hell, fuck em all

I knew that Cott was coming back cuz Cott been a fool

That nigga had a M-16 up at the school

That nigga one of two

Mutherfuckers that I know

That's gone start some fucking shit

Anywhere he fucking go

Who the other?

Cott's brother Kareem

He 15

Got the milli 14 with the infa red beam

And the candy green Lac

With some duals on the back

Put some shoes on that bitch

And they stole all that

Matter fact, him and Mac

Every basketball game

Other niggas came to hang

But they came to bring the pain

It's the same out come

Out come of the ground

We give a damn where you from

Mutherfucker lay it down


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